What happens to gastro and other details?

In this section we explain further content and organizational details regarding the implementation of our events. This is a dynamic process that can evolve over time.

The gastro - Keep It Regional

Similar to the preferred regional charity projects, we also want to create regional and local references for the areas of gastronomy and other shopping concepts on the Hard Rock Nations events on site.

The best pizza in town at Hard Rock Nations

In the run-up to the various tour stops in the cities of the world, we ask our Hard Rock Nations Citizens for their opinion on which bars, pubs and restaurants from the venue should take care of the physical well-being at the HRN event.

As an example: The first event in May 2025 will take place in Düsseldorf

For beer and other drinks, the best hard & heavy pubs from the old town in Düsseldorf provide, for food and drinks we organize the coolest food services and restaurants from the city.

Hard&Heavy Pubs / Fastfood / Full Service Restaurants / VIP-Lounges

These companies use the containers provided by us and specially converted for usability to supply the event.

You decide who serves

On our HRN social media channels, the Hard Rock Nations Citizens get the opportunity to vote for their favorites before the events.

The best opportunities at all times

As part of our measures on you will find at regular intervals various competitions, promotions or other promotions where you can get really cool goodies.

In the sense of our charity actions, we collect the various unique pieces, limited editions and other unique features of the stars to then bring them to the man or woman via our social media channels. Check out regularly to get your unique piece from your favorite star or the best band in the world.

Your opinion is worth to us

We ask you questions regularly and need your votes to make important democratic decisions for our citizens. In most cases, we provide special goodies as a possible prize or combine your opinion with a corresponding reward in the form of tickets for the next HRN event or other similar specials.

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Hard Rock is an initiative of proven professionals in their respective fields. Many years of experience and profound knowledge in the areas of event organization, event management, marketing are the basis for this bold project, which we want to bring to life with all our strength. 


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